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About Us

Alan Molk, M.D.


Dr. Molk is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician and practices in Phoenix, Arizona, where he and his wife, Laura Bramnick, reside. They are parents to adult triplets: Asher, Ariel, and Eliza.

Dr. Molk has worked full time as an emergency physician since 1980. His training was all about saving lives at any cost, no matter what. It was later in his career when his mother developed Alzheimer's Dementia. During that time, he was personally reminded of how poorly we, in America, deal with incurable progressive illnesses and end-of-life issues. His extremely painful, but ultimately enlightening journey with his beloved mother inspired him to be part of a movement that is creating cultural change in the world of Emergency Medicine - maintaining and preserving dignity at end-of-life. 

His hobbies and passions include family, Judaism, music (he plays keyboards, guitar and accordion by ear), dogs, sports - especially baseball (huge Boston Red Sox fan), golf, rugby and cricket - humor, shenanigans, hanging out with family and friends, shopping at Costco, travel, and life-long learning. 

Robert Shapiro, M.D.


Dr. Shapiro is board certified in both Emergency Medicine and Family Practice Medicine, practicing Emergency Medicine for more than four decades. Through the years he witnessed countless patients receive the benefit of aggressive modern medical technology at considerable personal cost and with little to no benefit. 

Early in his married life, his wife developed a brain tumor. As her disease progressed, he recognized the end was close, and he asked her oncologist about medical interventions and intubation. The oncologist advised him against aggressive treatment and she passed away at age 29. Dr. Shapiro also watched his father die of metastatic rectal cancer at age 71. 

"Fortunately , my mother was able to keep him at home during this time, and he passed away peacefully in his sleep." Dr. Shapiro was profoundly affected by these events and, for several years was a palliative care physician, caring for terminally ill patients.

Dr. Shapiro has numerous other interests including family, music, reading, travel, and life-long learning. He is an avid UCLA sports fan (his Alma Mater) and an accomplished pianist.